Buy Local Fireworks From Our Sponsors

Click on the Table of Contents to see Sponsor’s nearest to you and then click on their banner to view their website. Always check the Sponsor’s website for opening hours and if possible contact them. They can provide fireworks locally for Bonfire Night and for New Years.

Remember remember, Families locally and across the UK. Will be once again gearing up to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night safely. They will be remembering the Gunpowder Treason and plot.

Buy Local Fireworks From Our Sponsors

West Midlands, Firework Shops

Where: Fireworks Frenzy, Solihull Fireworks Ltd, 353, Haslucks Green Road, Shirley, Solihull, West Midlands B90 2NG How to buy: 0121 733 3555 or order online through the company’s website.

Professional Displays

Solihull Fireworks

Many People will be holding their own DIY firework displays in an attempt to save that extra money and make the special occasion all the more more fun for their family.

With all public fireworks displays been cancelled locally. 2020 Shows we can have that that magical firework fun in our own back garden. Let us carry on a tradition we all remember.

Please always follow the fireworks code. And follow all the instructions on the fireworks and make sure you have consideration for others.

These sponsors are reputable firework sellers and such will give you great advice on what type of fireworks are just right for your space.

The virus still around, keep yourself safe and follow all available advice on the fireworks.

The special night wouldn’t be complete until you have seen our Traditional Bonfire Night Food Page. See our traditional methods of making the UK most popular recipes.

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