The Firework Shop List

The Firework Shop List was designed to help you compare firework retailers and products. We covered the USA and the UK. A huge hit among consumers looking for fireworks.

The Firework Shop List Humble Beginning

We decided to expand the website to not only include a directory of all the firework shop across these two countries. We wanted it to help users look for Local Firework Displays. Focusing showcasing all of the UK mainland events.

The Firework Shop List Expanding

We even included the best fireworks blog, and the UK saw the first ever supermarket fireworks directory. It helped thousands of UK consumers make better choices in choosing fireworks from supermarkets, There was no better place online for it.

The firework shop list last update

We expanded the website to include an open forum. For all the consumers to share far and wide. Showing their firework stashes, and answering questions on the best deals. Not just for supermarket fireworks but for buying from retailers as well.

The Fireworks Shop List What Happened

It didn’t go, The Fireworks Shop List expanded to something bigger and better. The idea was to make the fireworks more formal with Bonfire Night Traditions. We moved the forum to Seasonal Traditions the Seasonal Forum, so we could better include Halloween, Fireworks, and Christmas. We do the same thing we did back in the day. But we do it better.

Seasonal Traditions the seasonal forum

We moved away from directories, to bring you better guides to buying fireworks, and to include the history to why we celebrate bonfire night with fireworks. We have still kept the best bits from the firework shop list.

bonfire night traditions

Our mission is to help you carry on choosing fireworks more smartly. Saving you money each and every year. You can find us on the forum, or on our facebook page. We are here to help you.

As you can see The Fireworks Shop List Did not go away. We made it better for you to access information, in regards to supermarket fireworks and local firework displays. Our forum is handy in refining your pyro purchase for Bonfire Night.


Bonfire Night Traditions