Transport and Packaging

1.3G, 1.4G, HT3 HT 4

Transport and Packaging are where most cases people get confused with fireworks. It is important to remember when buying fireworks, you will see an orange diamond on the side of the box stating either 1.3g and 1.4g.

This is for transport and packaging. And it will also be supplied with a UN classification number. This is given for their potential hazard.

Transport and Packaging

So when buying from firework retailers, supermarkets. It is better to use these terms. Category 1 (indoor fireworks), Category 2 (garden fireworks with a safety distance of 5 meters), and Category 3 (display fireworks with a safety distance of 25 meters).


There is a legislation called MSER that determines the volume of fireworks which can be saved together and under what circumstances. MSER defines what fireworks as a Hazard Type based on the hazard they pose.

Consumer fireworks will fall under Hazard Type 4 (HT4) or even Hazard Type 3 (HT3).

Now I have seen loads of people asking on forums. “Am I ok storing fireworks at home”. The answer is. When you buy fireworks from a non-specialist (I.E supermarkets) on or immediately ahead of Guy Fawkes Night.

Then the hazard type and UN classification would not have any weight. And this is the same for indoor fireworks. And also if you set them off within the couple of days before and after.

But if you buy loads of fireworks. And you tend in keeping them for a good while at home. Then you need to take note of these classifications. It is also good to know the difference between the 1.3 and 1.4g

1.3g & 1.4g

I will break this down as much as possible. Hazard Type 3 (1.3G) In many people opinion are the top dog firework. And is the loudest of them all. Also in some cases are more powerful.

This is because they are made up of  higher levels of Flash powder then 1.4g fireworks.

Hazard Type 4 (1.4G) can be the loudest. They do not contain as much Flash powder then 1.3g, These fireworks can be shipped more better than 1.3g.

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