How Fireworks Work

Knowing how fireworks work, in short, will help you understand how to stay safe during set up and having the best firework show. Each type of firework show diagrams of each firework.

The guide follows on how to set up your given firework and the CE regulations.

How Fireworks Work Guide

firework rocketsFirework Rockets

Rockets are the most commonly known type of fireworks, The rocket can be bought, Singly or they can come in a pack, or even in a selection box. This type of firework requires a launch tube, stacked safely into the ground. Or they can be placed in a rocket rack.

Roman candlesRoman Candles
are a rectangular cardboard tube, Filled with individual balls which shoot out different effects after ignition. Roman Candles can either be stacked Or safely buried into the ground. You can buy Roman candles individually and also they can be found in selection boxes. For a complete information on Roman candles click the title.


Fountains main shape is a triangle. They can also be made into other various shapes, For example, (Crazy clock, Shaped more like a clock face, instead of a triangle. ) Fountains once lit, can emit various effects, the most common effect you will find in a fountain is showers of sparks and this can also be in various colors.

catherinwheelCatherine Wheel’s
Catherine Wheels come in 2 commonly available types, a tube filled with powder and then coiled is the original type of Catherine Wheel. The second type of Catherine Wheel available is the driven Catherine Wheel which uses small motors similar to fountains to propel the Catherine Wheel.


Mines Are short lived with the most dramatic and a very much spectacular effect. Mines are also known as ‘pot á feu’. they are shot from a mortar and they shoot colored effect into the sky with a huge variety of flashes and bangs. The mine is typically the loudest type of firework and can reach a record-breaking sound of 120 decibels.

Cakes / BarragesCakes / Barrages

come in varied shapes and sizes. Typical cakes/ barrage shots can be as follows 16, 19, 25, 36 or 49. There is a legal limit of the weight of a cake, So this is why when a cake is huge they have a are small individual shot. Barrage works, in the same way, but with most barrages what makes them famous they can add the perfect touch to an end display, these are called Finales.

Selection boxSelection Boxes

A very much enjoyable favorite among the firework initiates, and kids alike. A box containing assorted fireworks such as Catherine wheels. Rockets Roman candles. These type of fireworks is a must if you are new to Fireworks.

Indoor FireworksIndoor fireworks
Are ideal for play around parties. Such as the indoor sparklers party poppers. And so on. Most of the time These are classed for the novelty side of fireworks. You will find indoor fireworks under the Category 1 firework classification.


Sparklers consist of a variation in size metal stick, when lit, emits a constant stream of sparks. Futhermore, These sparks can show many different colours. From the traditional silver/gold red blue green and many other colors. Today you can find the different shaped resembling type of characters.