Cakes and Barrages

What Are Firework Cakes and Barrages

Firework Cakes come in many different sizes and shapes, they can also come in a variety of shots for example. 16, 19, 25, 49 or 90. Cakes are designed with numerous card tubes glued together and fused timed differentiated for each shot. They can have an infinite choice of effect to each shot.

Once the firework cake is lit, the fuse burns from tube to tube, igniting each shot in turn, which then flies up into the air where it explodes with an effect. Thus, a 16 shot cake will have 16 tubes, a 49 shot cake will have 49 tubes and so on.

Cakes and Barrages

Fanned Barrage, Good Example to show Shot tubes. Image Epic Fireworks

Cakes can also be falsely known as barrages although there are a number of differences between the two. One of the main differences between cakes and barrages is that barrages consist of a single effect throughout all tubes of the firework.

For example a single 49 shot barrage could have 49 golden brocade shots where a cake or SIB would have a mixture of effects. You may call an average cake a SIB or party in a box. These types of fireworks offer a variety of effects and are usually designed by the manufacturers to produce a whole display from a single fuse.

Cakes are more like a bunch of single shot roman candles, if you want a more basic understanding. You will often find shops describe a cake as a combination roman candle.