Catherine Wheels

What are Catherine Wheels:

Catherine Wheels are a circular firework. A disc made with either  plastic ore card with a number of thrusters mounted around the edge of this disc. Each tube burns to provide both sparks and thrust, spinning the wheel around. As the Catherine Wheel gets faster spiral effect of coloured flame and sparks.

Catherine Wheels

They come in 2 common types, A tube filled with powder and then coiled is the original type of Catherine Wheel. The second type is the driven Catherine Wheel. Which uses small motors similar to fountains to propel the Catherine Wheel.

How to safely use Catherine Wheels

Catherine Wheels would need to a 6 -7 ft sturdy stake to show its full effect. You would need to nail the Catherine Wheel through its middle disc. Just make sure you don’t hammer too much, as the Catherine Wheels wheel needs to freely spin around, But the nail needs to be securely in there so it does not fall off.