Firework Fountains

What are Firework Fountains:

Firework fountains mainly are a cone shaped firework, they can also be shaped to other novelty shapes such as the crazy clock. Fountains sit quite well on the grown without much support. Fountains can contain multi and or single effects, there the main iconic distinction is the flow of sparks.

Big firework Fountain iconic fountains, These Fountains flair a volcano and plume of sparks effect, All fountains and not just iconic, start off slowly building to big with a bunch together. As they do bring people to attention when a display is about to start. The video below shows a very good example of a Conic Fountain.

All fountains have columns of sparks. They are mainly quiet when they are alight, giving just a gentle noise. Except for cracking firework fountains.

Don’t be roped into thinking the price, size or brand is better. It is wise to know the fountain itself. The simple silver effect is the more powerful Fountains compared to the colourful or crackling Firework Fountains. You will most probably find the gold fountains are the weakest of them all, As they create more gold flame rather than a plume.

Multi-effect fountains

Most Fountains are multi-effect and be in many different shapes. These contain tubes, with each different effect. A fuse link between them burns to each tube giving an effect.

Multi-effect fountains have a number of effects advantaged over the iconic fountains, Such as colour, crackling. These can be different in the same firework. But they do suffer for having these different effect giving them a less height when they do admit.