Firework Mines

What is a Firework Mine

firework Mines are a card tube filled with a shell, a fuse flies down this tube to ignite the shell and a Huge burst of effect soars into the sky. Mines are the only fireworks with a powerful dramatic sudden effect.

For example mortar firework mines, A pack or bag filled with the chosen effect loaded into a mortar tube and a fuse connected. The fuse burns down tube which then detonates.

All through the firework mines are powerful and really good. There is a disadvantage to this firework. They have a sudden short duration. But don’t let this put you off. You still could buy 2 or 4 together and maybe use them as an ending along with a finale.

But let me not confuse you here, The mines that you buy from a seasonal shop are not the same as a Professionals use reloaded tubes, You can only buy single use ready loaded. pre-loaded mortar mines.

Fountain mines

Fountain mines are that start with a fountain effect first then the burst mine effect. The fountain in itself is quite weak compared to a dedicated fountain. The fuse burns down the main setting this effect off first.

It is good to take note that Fountain mine may be your best option for your display. They are very good in helping pad out other fireworks in your setup. And not only this, It gives it that element of surprise when the main effect ignites.

You will also find these fountain mines a bit cheaper. And they can come in a pack. A well worth of investment if you have a short duration of the fireworks. And or if you want to make a big impression on your setup.