Firework Rockets

Firework rockets come in various of sizes and shapes. In recent years, manufacturers have changed firework rockets to include a single, double, triple and even quadruple effects.

What is a firework rocket:

Firework Rockets

Green Ball Head – Image Epic Fireworks

Rockets have three main sections these section help make what a rocket work and does. Below is a clearer view of a rocket.

  • The Head Mainly Made of out of either plastic or card- This is where the effects are stored.
  • The Short cylinder Followed from the head This is where the solid fuel that lifts the rocket is stored.
  • Then the bright colored cap of the motor cylinder. This is where you will find the Fuse, To make the rocket work.
  • The stick some rockets have the stick from the head and some have them secured to the motor cylinder.

You can always identify a rock from its whoosh sound as it lifts off. If you love rockets you would agree its the best sound to hear.

Why Are Rockets Not In Pro firework Displays

You will never see rockets in a pro display, This is because Rockets are the most unpredictable fireworks. Rockets have also a tendency to “kite” into a strong wind making them susceptible to losing their height.

Rockets are very unpredictable and the fact that they have sticks,  which can fall into the viewing audience.

Best and Safe Way To Light Firework Rockets

Rockets need to lift freely from a lunch pipe, For this to work safely, You need to make sure you secure  the plastic piping in a secure rocket rack. Or on a large rod stake.

It’s clear that all rockets have very much one thing in common. They have a very short effect. Some big rockets can achieve a hang time after the effect.

Most rockets contain display effects. This can mean something colourful and really nice. And it also can be followed by an end effect. Most rockets usually have a long tail when they take off.

And the majority of all rockets have a bang. Some rockets just have the bang itself for an effect.