Indoor Fireworks

What Are indoor Fireworks

Indoor fireworks are a novelty play around. The main products people use are the indoor Sparklers and Ice Fountains. You will find indoor sparklers under category 1 as they are the fewer hazards. You will notice with all indoor fireworks they don’t give off much smoke. But still always read the label of any firework package and they will state if they are indoor or outdoor only.

Indoor sparklers

Indoor Sparklers are the Safer, and smaller version of the outdoor sparkler, They give off less smoke. These are often sold in most shops that deal with party supplies and not just a firework shop. You will often find they are sold in tubes of 10 and have the effect of bright silver sparks. Please remember Never use Out door Sparklers indoors!

Always read the label when you buy Sparklers. They Will state outdoor use only. Out door sparklers are still a firework and they can produce dangerous amounts of smoke.

Indoor firework fountains

Indoor Fireworks

A good image showing indoor fountains Image: Epic Fireworks

Indoor fountains give off less smoke and do not flow out any hot burning sparks like outdoor firework fountains do. Indoor fountains are more often called ice fountains to back the claim that they do not eject hot sparks. Ice fountains are one of the best indoor fireworks to consumers for the performing it puts on. Remember Never use Outdoor fountains indoor as this would lead to a fire. – Always reads the firework label before use to double check.

Indoor fireworks work with almost anything you place them on, ideally. They look good on cakes or even champagne bottles. Or just an iconic centrepiece on the table.