Roman Candles

What is a Roman Candle:

Roman candles are a Long slim rectangular card tube. With 1 or more shells sitting inside. The fuse runs into the card tube, this is what lights the shells inside. The fuse ignites a lift charge that in return blasts the shells into the air and then the shell produces an effect.

Multishot Roman candles

You can buy a single shot or multi-shot roman candles. The single shot only produces one shell burst, But while the multishot roman candles can produce 8, 10 or 12 shot shells.

The Shells are stacked on top of each other, the fuse is placed on top of the roman candle that burns down the single tube, Lightning each shell with a pause between each shot.

The bore size determines the power of the effect. Bore sizes are limited to 3 CM a roman candle can produce a huge big break effect with this bore size. You could say you can identify a roman candle by the large shotgun sound blast.